How Easy Insurance can help you get coverage if you are high risk in Vancouver, BC

When we refer to people that require high risk insurance or are hard to insure, we are specifically talking about people in these categories:

  1. People that have previously been declined for life or health insurance
  2. People who have pre-existing health conditions
  3. Someone who works in a high risk occupation (pilots, fishermen, police officers etc.)
  4. People who have lifestyles that are high risk (scuba divers, sky divers, mountain climbers, etc.)

At Easy Insurance, we specialize in helping people who are in the above categories get affordable life and health insurance coverage. How?

Our Process

Before we apply to any company we do a lifestyle and health questionnaire for each of our clients. What this will do, is show us exactly what your unique situation is, so that we can find you the best terms and conditions. It’s important to do this before we apply because information that is put on an insurance application is shared with other insurance companies on your Medical Insurance Bureau. We want to set you up for success not failure. If you get declined all insurance companies that you apply for later will know that you were declined and why. This will definitely make it harder to get approved in the future.

The next step in the process is to send that lifestyle and health questionnaire to underwriters that work with Easy Insurance so that they can give us their feedback and help us find the best insurer for you.

Once we have identified the right insurance company to send your application too, we complete the application and send with a cover letter that explains in detail your unique situation. This helps to paint a picture to the underwriter at the insurance company who will be studying your file, and helps them to understand why you are a good candidate for coverage.

Relationships and knowledge of high risk insurance carriers

We have been in the business for many years and have built relationships with insurance carriers over time. We know which insurance companies will make the best offer on your unique situation. This is critically important as not knowing which insurance company to apply to can cost you up to 50-100% more in premiums each month and may not get you the best terms and conditions. One of the biggest mistakes we see, is people blindly applying to any insurance company without knowing what that insurance companies policies are when it comes to your condition or situation.

No medical exam insurance

If need be, we have relationships with insurance companies that are prepared to insure you without any medical exam at all. They will complete the underwriting with a comprehensive medical questionnaire. These plans are often quite affordable, and can be underwritten quickly so that you and your family can have the coverage you need as soon as possible.

Guaranteed issue life insurance

For the most challenging cases, we have contracts with insurance companies that will guarantee you a minimum and a maximum amount of coverage regardless of your medical history, or lifestyle. This is often a solution for elderly applicants and can be used to pay for funeral expenses and debts at death. These policies are issued quickly and can offer much needed protection to those who require it. To summarize, have no fear, easy insurance in here. It is our job to ensure you get the best coverage with the best terms and conditions out there. We will go to work for you, so that you can continue doing what you love, which is enjoying your life and spending time with the ones you care about.

Contact us for more details or book a time with one of our experienced advisors to go over any questions you may have on high risk insurance in Vancouver, BC.