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What products do you offer?

Life Insurance
Critical Illness
Group Plan (Benefits)

There are many options within each category and it is best to speak with an advisor directly to address your specific needs

What insurance carriers do you deal with?

Because we are an independent we have the ability to provide products from all the major carriers in Canada. Having said that we carefully select the companies we choose to do business with on your behalf in order to make sure they meet the criteria for stability, competitive pricing and a modern technological infrastructure

An insurance carrier I want to work with is not listed on your site, what’s going on?

We strive to only work with carriers that allow our clients to apply for insurance in a digital fashion. There are several carriers that are still catching up on this front and when they give us the ability to do business with them digitally, we will gladly add them to our stable of carriers

If, for some reason, you really want to work with a carrier that we do not currently deal with then we will make the necessary arrangements to provide that insurer to you

Are you a robo advisor service?

We are NOT a robo advisor. Although we do operate on the latest and most modern platforms you are dealing with licensed, educated and experienced advisors every step of the way. Life insurance is not something you want to buy without professional advice